Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor Review

Hi Beauties! I’m so sorry I haven’t written in awhile, I’m going to try my best to write more regularly. I just wanted to give a quick update on my Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.


I  originally bought this lippie about 3 weeks ago. I fell in love with the frosted glass packaging. When you apply it, it goes on pretty opaque. It does have a very strong artificial fruity scent(which I personally like).

With all those great things, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s not a true matte. It has a creamy like consistency on the lips. It took about 2 hours to fully dry, but I feel like that doesn’t count. It really bugs me when a brand advertises a specific quality, yet that quality is no where to be found. WHY YOU LIE, REVLON?? WHY YOU LIE?? Lol. On a serious note – I may have to purchase more colors just to confirm. I will try to keep an open mind and continue my research

Details: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

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Maybelline Dream BB Fresh Review

So I was starting to get ready for the day and I thought it would be a great time to review my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB foundation. I’ve been trying it out for a week now. When I first purchased I didn’t think I was going to get enough coverage and it was just going to be a waste of money. I thought I was going to look like death and be 7.00 short(price of BB)


It goes on extremely light, and doesn’t feel heavy. It surprisingly has a good amount of coverage for a BB cream. I noticed that it helped out a lot with the unevenness in my skin tone and my redness. Keep in mind it’s a very light coverage, but I thought it was perfect for running errands. For me, it gives me another coverage option. I can leave my house without looking sick or without having loads of makeup on. It also has SPF 30 in it. I wasn’t particularly looking for a sunscreen, but I love that it has it.

image1 (2)

I got a solid 4 hours of good wear out of it and then it started to fade. It will be different for everyone though. It depends on the type of skin you have, weather, etc. Overall, I really loved this BB cream and it’s now going to be in my Holy Grail products I use. I’ll be purchasing again!

Details: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

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Wet N Wild Ombre Blush Review

I finally think I’ve gotten to a point where I can review the ‘Wet n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blusher I purchased the other day! You probably have seen ‘In a Purple Haze’ from my last post, but I purchased 2 out of the 3 blushes from the their Ombre line. The other blush I picked up is called ‘The Princess Daiquiries.


The one that caught my eye was ‘In a Purple Haze’. I loved how it looked in the pan, and I didn’t have a purple kind of blush of my collection yet. When you actually feel the blush it has a nice soft texture, but I did have a lot of product that kicked up when swirling my blush brush around in it. I noticed more product was kicked up with the Princess Daiquiris. When I swatched it on my skin both had a little bit on an iridescent thing going on. Me like.


It took a lot to build up the color for it to be noticeable on both blushes. I have light/medium skin, but even with the Purple Haze it was still a faint wash of color. These blushes would be probably best if you have fair skin. I wanted to love these blushes, but there are better blushes out there. That being said, the blushes were only $4.99.


Details: Wet n Wild® Color Icon Ombre Blusher

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Details of the Day

I have this bad habit of buying makeup and losing it. Being disorganized is the price of being creative(or at least that’s what I tell myself). I found/rediscovered my Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette from The Balm today, and I’m super excited! I was of course inspired to do a look and try a bunch of new products out.

IMG_4479 (1)

So I just wanted to share some of the makeup I’ll be wearing today. I’m planning on running errands and visiting family so today will be pretty relaxed, but I wanted something on the brighter spring side for makeup. I’ll be trying on some new stuff I purchased recently from target, and hopefully I don’t end up a hot mess tehe – it’s for research though so I’m OK with it.


I’m going to be wearing my Maybelline Dream BB Fresh foundation #110 ‘Light/Medium’, Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Ombre Blush #317B ‘In a Purple Haze’, Milani Color Statement lipstick #62 ‘Matte Blissful’ and my Essie nail polish in the shade ‘Merino Cool’. All of the products listed will get their own individual reviews. Be sure to stay tuned!

Details: Maybelline Dream BB Fresh foundationWet N’ Wild Color Icon Ombre BlusherMilani Color Statement lipstick, Essie Merino Cool Nail Polish, The Balm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette

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Drug Store Finds

So recently I went to the Target for a bit of a shopping trip. I came across these beautiful looking L’oreal lipsticks from their ‘Colour Riche Collection Exclusive’ line, and I picked up the shades Frida’s Red and Julianne’s nude. 


I fell in love with its matte black packing with gold accents, I was sold. Naturally the first thing to do is test it. When you apply the lipstick there is a sunscreen type of smell, but the smell does fade and is hardly noticeable. When applied it glides on super creamy, and was really moisturizing to the lips.


I wore it today to lunch, which is the ultimate test because I pretty much eat like a savage tehe. I had lettuce wraps, and the giant pieces of lettuce were essentially slapping my lips repeatedly. There was a lot of transfer and it faded very quickly. Within about an hour and a half there was lots of feathering and there was very little product left on my actual lips.

Processed with Moldiv

#nofilter lol

Overall, I really liked the product. The packaging was what sold me, and it was fairly inexpensive at $5.99. I just wish L’oreal had a wider color selection, but it’s definitely worth purchasing!


Details: L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive 

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Sunday Splurges

My whole life I’ve had this intense desire to surround myself with beautiful things. When I walk in my home I want to feel like I’m surrounded in luxury. I want each room to be decorated with pieces that I love. So when I came across a boutique called My Posh Box, I knew I had to share! They offer a wide range of products from home decor, jewelry and dining/entertaining.

I fell in love with My Posh Box once I saw the entertaining section. Even though I don’t host dinner parties, I do enjoy eating alone off fancy dinnerware. I’m only joking, my life isn’t that sad hehe. I was definitely drooling over everything they had to offer, and you should definitely visit their shop!











Details: To Paris With Love Side PlateLove Stiletto MugSignature 2 Cup Tea PotJolie Paris Tea Cup & SaucerWhite On White Luxury Gift BoxThe Dress: 100 Iconic Moments In Fashion, Blush Striped Tea CupAs Good As Gold Tea Cup & Saucer, Concrete DiamondMarble Infinity Tray

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Friday Favorites 2.

Welcome to the second round of Friday favorites. This is where I go on an adventurous quest, and I bring back all the things I’m loving at the moment.. Actually I just stare a computer screen and click on stuff till my hand cramps tehe. I love writing though, and I just wanted to thank everyone whose been reading my blog. I’m going to get to it before I start to tear up. You guys are amazing!


Details: Kate Spade – Lenticular Eyes Iphone CaseSoniasArtStudio – Holy Chic Mug,
Nordstrom – Ivanka Trump, ‘Chic Flat’Tri Coastal Design – Had Me At Meow Bound Journal, 

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Pretty in Pink

Spring is here so I’ve been in an extra lively and in an unusually nice mood ha. Every year my Fuchsia colored rose bush blooms outside my bedroom window, and suddenly I’m inspired to surround myself with all thing pink.. Ok, I might have a slight infatuation with pink.. Fine I’m utterly obsessed ha. I’m willing to admit that I have a slight problem, but that’s only if you consider having exquisite taste a problem hehe. These photos fill me with joy, and I’m so excited to share!







Details: Bianca Green – Wall Clock “Florine”LovelyPosters – Makeup Print, Yvonneellen – Flamingoes & Pineapples Tea Towel

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Ka-Pow Shoes!

Online shopping is my weakness. It’s probably unhealthy the amount of hours I browse the web looking for stuff to buy. Who cares if I don’t leave my home for days at a time, it makes me happy ha. While browsing I stumbled upon these heels from Lulu’s. Talk about KA-POW shoes! They are so cute, but feisty. They look as though they would punch you in the throat, but then they would take you to get coffee after<31666546_2726021666570_2726021666562_2726021666578_2726021666554_272602

Details: Lulu’s – Chinese Laundry Stilo Yelllow Floral D’Orsay Pumps 

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Tiny Treasures

When I get the “OMG, this is really amazing!” feeling, I know I’ve found something special. On Etsy is where I get that feeling the most. I feel like there’so much creativity everywhere you look on Etsy. There are so many different artists who are all producing wonderful things, it’s incredible. A shop that stood out to me is DzyDzydesign. Here they make miniature food jewelry out of polymer clay! Before your like “Hmm, I don’t know about that”, I suggest you look at all the pics of the artists work. I seriously feel like everything in that shop is a tiny treasure!









Details: DzyDzydesign – Popsicle EarringsPink Macaron EarringsPink Donut EarringsCupcake Earrings


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